Claim Procedures

Please note that this document applies only to shipments sold by Strategic Air Services. For claims on shipments under an AWB of our customers or partners, please contact them directly as they may have specific requirements or procedures.

We sincerely apologize that your shipping experience with Strategic Air Services, Inc has resulted in a claim.

We require that the following documentation be submitted to us when filing a Formal Claim for any shipment:
  1. A detailed and comprehensive statement of the claim which completely describes the details of the shipment, the damage or loss, the cost(s) in US dollars including any residual or salvage value and documentation that supports the allegation. If the items in question are electronic, then we require that Model numbers and serial numbers be included.
  2. Consignee copy or delivery receipt of the air waybill showing the exceptions and or notations of the damage or discrepancies observed.
  3. Written notice to carrier of loss or damage.
  4. Master air waybill
  5. House air waybill
  6. Purchase invoice(s), commercial invoice(s) substantiating the claim.
  7. Packing list(s)
  8. Copy of the Customs Entry or SED/AES made on this shipment (as applicable).
  9. Salvage certificate showing the claimant attempted to sell the cargo at public or private sale for the benefit of the parties at interest; which results in a corresponding reduction of the amount claimed.
  10. Repair invoices showing the claimant tried to fix, restore, clean, repair the goods.
  11. A garbage or dump certificate will be required for all shipments, providing that the cargo was destroyed as per local, state, or government regulations.
  12. Photos of the damaged goods (Electronic please:- pdf or jpeg).
Please note that if the carrier is expected to pay full value, and does, the carrier then becomes full owner, in fact, and has the right to dispose of the goods as they see fit.

With the exception of cases where there is complete shortage, no claims for loss or damage to a shipment will be entertained until ALL transportation charges thereon have been paid. The Claimant may not deduct amounts claimed from transportation charges for partial shortage or damage. The burden of proving value and loss rests upon the shoulders of the claimant who in all cases is obliged to produce incontrovertible evidence supporting the amount of the claim.

All Preliminary claims must be filed within the time frame prescribed in the conditions of carriage listed on the back of the Air Waybill. Strategic Air Services, Inc reserves all rights and defenses afforded under the Warsaw Convention, Hague Protocol, Montreal Protocol IV and Montreal 1999 Convention.

Requirement: All documents must be in English or have free English Translations.

When all the documentation has been assembled, we ask that you please submit to:

Strategic Air Services, Inc
Att.: Claims Department
9737 NW 41st Street #258, Doral, FL 33178

For submission of your claim via email, we require that the file be in PDF format. All other formats will not be accepted and cannot be opened.

In closing, we again apologize for this unfortunate occurrence, and await the documentation of your claim.