Live Animals Solutions

From moving thoroughbred race horses to baby chicks, exotic birds, zoo animals or simple pets, we will work with you, to tailor the right transportation plan to meet the specific needs of your animals and ensure they travel under the best possible conditions.

The transport of live animals requires an extra level of care and comfort throughout the journey. Strategic, has the experience to offer quality Live Animal service.

All aircrafts utilized by Strategic, whether ACMI or from its Partners and Interline Partners, are fitted with climate control and pressurization systems, and have the ability to individually adjust the temperature of different sections of the aircraft to suit the type of animal being carried.
  • Timely acceptance and delivery of animals
  • Dedicated waiting areas at most major terminals
  • Animal attendant to accompany animals allowed on most flights*
  • Specialized attention and handling on the ground post flight
IMPORTANT! Live Animals Cut-off Times:

Published cut off times vary depending on service required and can be viewed when selecting your required terminal location. Please be aware, that cut-offs for Live Animals are strictly enforced.

Please contact the Strategic Cargo sales office if you require additional information.

*Subject to additional charges, TSA and FAA requirements, as well as security clearances must be met.